ATS TESTING SHOW & EXPO THE ATS TESTING SHOW & EXPO, is an exhibition based show dedicated for suppliers of testing products, simulation and development tools. The show welcomes visitors from the Automotive, Aerospace and Defense sectors and all related industry.

The ATS will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on 16th/17th of October 2018.

Testing & Simulation Pavilion's

Visit the following pavilions who each host several suppliers from around the globe who will be exhibiting leading technologies and development tools.

Testing & Simulation Congress Agenda 2017

@ Automotive Testing Show & Expo Turkey.


09:45 – 09:50 Welcome by Organizer
Thomas Fone – CEO
Automaker TV and Media Ltd, Sao Paulo Brazil
09:50 – 10:30 Dr. Gotthard Rainer – Vice President
10:30 – 11:10 Future Trends in Automotive technology challenging vehicle test and simulation
Volker Leissmann
HORIBA Europe, Germany
11:10 – 11:50 NVH Target Setting and Virtual Prototyping in Design, Development and Evaluation of a Vehicle Program
Gary Newton, Head of Automotive Americas.
BRÜEL & KJÆR, United States
11:50 – 12:30 Virtual Proving Ground for Durability in Vehicle Engineering
Jordi Arbiol, Project Manager, Design Engineering
IDIADA, Barcelona, Spain
12:30 – 14:00 LUNCH BREAK – Exhibition visit time
14:00 – 14:30 Using Fatigue Damage Spectrum for Accelerated Testing with Correlation to End-Use Environment
Holger Boller, Managing Director -Europe
Vibration Research, Germany
14:30 – 15:00 Electro-Dynamic Vibration and Inertial Shaker Design Basics
Dr. Murat AYKAN, PhD
Dynalabs Ltd. Şti, Ankara, Turkey
15:00– 15:30 Large Displacement Vibration Testing with Electro Dynamic Shakers
Dimitris Karigiannis
Imv-corporation Europe, United Kingdom
15:30– 16:00 3D LiDAR Sensor Technology to Achieve High-level ADAS Functions and Autonomy
Dieter Gabriel, Technical Manager
Velodyne Europe GmbH, Germany
16:00 – 16:30 Durability tests on vehicles
Daniel Förder
IMC – Berlin, Germany
16:30 – 17:00 Gravimetric PM filter holder with real-time particle concentration measurement
MikkoMoisio, CEO
Dekati, Finland
10:00 – 10:30 Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis for a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Cooled by a Variable Speed Pump
Çelikten, B. and Soruşbay, C.
ITU - Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
10:30 – 11:00 The process and challenges of constructing a formula SAE racing car
Atakan DALGIÇ, and YTU formula race team
Yildiz technical University
11:00 – 11:30 Development of Predictive Energy Management & ADAS Functions
Umut Karapinar
AVL List, Turkey
11:30 – 12:00 OTAM
12:00 – 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 – 14:30 Stars Enterprise – The Revolution of Lab Management
Alex Pressl, Global Manager of Test Automation Systems
Horiba Europe
14:30 – 15:00 FAMOS new 7.2 Data analysis software (temp title)
Daniel Förder
IMC Berlin, Germany
15:00 – 15:30 Efficient and conforming-to-standard fatigue assessment
Bernhard Böhm
CAE Simulation & Solutions GmbH, Austria
15:30 – 16:00 AFTERNOON COFFEE
16:00 – 16:30 Advances in high speed digital imaging technology to meet the requirements of defence and industrial research
Tim Nicholls
Photron, United Kingdom
16:30 – 17:00 Testing Product structures for emerging markets
Chen Fakun, General Manager
HanzhouJoyung Trade Co , Peoples Republic of China

Event Features

Test simulation
Occupant & pedestrian safety
Engine & emissions testing
Track simulation
Laboratory testing
Vehicle dynamics
Materials testing
Microelectronics testing
Fatigue testing
Torsion testing
Component testing
Test facility
Fuels and integrated systems testing
Test management software
Wind tunnel testing
Vibration testing
Acoustic testing
Environmental testing
Tire testing
Data acquisition and signal analysis
Impact testing
Mechanical testing
Hydraulics testing
Electrical system testing
Reliability testing
Crash test analysis
Interference testing
Structural and fatigue testing
Impact and crash testing
Sensors and transducers
Test facility design
Quality testing and inspection
Telemetry systems
Vehicle simulation
Automatic inspection
Stress/strain testing
Laboratory instrumentation
Software test and development
Quality management solutions
Automated test equipment

Knowledge, Innovation and Networking. Join the most complete automotive engineering technical event in the country.

Over 500 total visitors registered. All of Turkey's major OEMs.

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Company details



6 Nokta Teknoloji specializes in precision dimensional measurement, metrology and quality control. We are working with leading manufacturers from Europe and America. Our portfolio consists of modular fixturing systems for measurement, assembly and machining; hand-held gap&flush, weld&seal, radius, angle, profile, break sharp edge measurement device; engineering analysis, dimensional measurement, reporting, GD&T evaluation and reverse engineering software; videoscope; SMRs, styli, mounting bases for laser trackers and measurement arms, 2D/3D ballooning/numbering and automatic FAI/PPAP preparation software; quality and process control/optimization, production planning, ERP and quality management system software.


Acoustic Camera: Intelligent problem solver – universally applicable

The Acoustic Camera was the first commercially viable system using beamforming to visually localize acoustic emissions. Brought to the market in 2001 as a pioneer technique, the Acoustic Camera has become a metaphor over the years for beamforming systems in general. The tool is now used in a variety of industries and has a growing customer base worldwide.


The ASC (Advanced Sensors Calibration) GmbH has its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Pfaffenhofen and is one of the leading manufacturers of accelerometers, angular rate sensors and IMUs (inertial measurement units). The high quality of our products, customized solutions and fast delivery times are convincing arguments for many leading global companies from various branches of industry.


Autonomous Solutions, Inc. is a world leader in vendor independent vehicle automation systems. Autonomous Solution serve clients in the mining, agriculture, automotive, government, and manufacturing industries with remote control, teleoperation, and fully automated solutions.

Get Involved in Emerging Automated Industries: ASI Parking, Autonomous Shuttles, ASI Mowing, Robotic Services.


AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines, as well as instrumentation and test systems. AVL acts in the following business areas:

Development of Powertrain Systems
AVL develops and markets all kinds of powertrain systems, and is a competent partner to the engine and automotive industry.

In addition, AVL develops and markets simulation methods necessary for development work.

Engine Instrumentation and Test Systems
The products of this business area comprise all the instruments and systems required for engine and vehicle testing.




Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S supplies integrated solutions for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration. As a world-leader in sound and vibration measurement and analysis, we use our core competences to help industry and governments solve their sound and vibration challenges.



CAE Software und Systems GmbH belongs to the CAE Group. We have gained experiences in consulting in acoustics, structural dynamics, simulations and physical tests over the last 20 years. Our young, successful and dynamic team is specialized in Developing acoutic- and vibration measuring systems, new measurement methods and special tests.

We have a lot of customers from different branches, e.g. mechanical engineering, consumer goods, home appliance, automotive, energy technology and aerospace.

As a certified Alliance Partner of National Instruments we are working international. Our sales partners are representing us worldwide.


With presence across 4 continents, the company designs and manufactures Environmental Test Chambers, which is used to simulate real environmental conditions such as temperature, rain, dust, humidity, pressure, etc. in its test space to conduct reliability testing. In today’s world, failure rate is becoming identical across the industry resulting various product failures, call backs, and customer agitation. The reliability of a product is paramount for companies. CME understands this need of the industry, and takes it a notch higher by shaping it with its philosophy of “delighting the customers.” This sheer passion motivates its employees to work along with it customers during each stage of test chamber development and crafts a product which provides wholesome testing experience.


Founded in 1996, Crystal Instruments (CI) is a leading manufacturer of dynamic measurement, signal analysis, and vibration testing equipment. Crystal Instruments is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the center of Silicon Valley. Currently, CI products are distributed in over 40 countries around the world.

Crystal Instruments founders James Zhuge Ph.D and Justin Tang previously founded Dactron, which established industry benchmarks with innovative technology. Zhuge and Tang continue leading innovation with Crystal Instruments today, driving the development of the most technologically advanced products available in the market including the newly released EDM Modal – a comprehensive modal analysis software suite.


Data Translation is a leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of data acquisition solutions for the test and measurement marketplace. With expertise in the design of high-accuracy, high-quality hardware and application software, Data Translation partners with end users and OEMs to achieve their goals. Data Translation has a worldwide presence, with offices in the US and Europe, and distribution in more than 40 countries. Data Translation is a Measurement Computing company.



DEWESoft® is a total solution company. We manage our entire business process in-house. From hardware design, manufacturing and software development to sales, marketing and support.

We positioned ourselves between global market leaders with innovative software and hardware solutions. We gained trust by keeping close relations with our customers and offering best possible support on all levels from sales down to technical support.


Founded in 1995, DONGLING Technologies is a top supplier of environmental and reliability testing solutions. Relying on extraordinary quality & innovation, DONGLING has created its reputation as a leading supplier in the global market. The product portfolio covers Vibration test system, Shock / bump test system, Constant Acceleration Centrifuge, Drop Test System, Swing / transportation simulation test system, Measuring Instruments and 3rd party testing services.


Since 1990 DTS has been a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems and sensors for occupant safety testing and product testing in automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, blast and in-dummy applications. DTS specializes in advanced measurement solutions that require high-speed, miniature, rugged DAS and sensors for critical tests in extreme environments.


Explicit Nonlinear sonlu eleman yazılımıdır. Büyük yapısal deformasyonların olduğu, kısa süre içinde gerçekleşen olayların simülasyonları için kullanılır. Kapsamlı malzeme modelleri, kompleks temas koşulu tanımlama özellikleri ve çözüm algoritmaları ile otomotiv sanayinin vazgeçilmez bir ürün geliştirme aracı olmuştur.

LS-PrePost, LS-Dyna için özel olarak geliştirilmiş ön/son işlemci (pre/post processor) yazılımıdır.

LS-Opt, LS-Dyna ile birlikte çalışan optimizasyon yazılımıdır.


Since its founding, Dytran has built a solid 35+ year industry reputation for trusted, field proven experience in the design and manufacture of sensors for dynamic testing. Today, Dytran is adapting new sensor technologies to broaden the product line and to better serve our customers across the dynamic measurement spectrum. Single axis and tri-axial DC MEMS style accelerometers utilizing state-of-the-art variable capacitance accelerometer sensing elements, combined with our industry-leading packaging expertise, are enabling a wave of new product development. Dytran engineers, working together with our customers to meet new sensing challenges, are generating innovative, reliable solutions for today’s toughest applications, just as we have been doing since 1980. We look forward to serving you!


The desire to constantly redefine the boundaries of ours recorders and to create technology with real-world relevance is at the heart of every etep card. Compact recorders or universal systems with a full range of cards designed to meet all your various needs. Our highly professional software allows the presentation, in real time of information: whether it is synthetic or natural. They bring a help increasingly more powerful to the monitoring and the decision to the operators subjected to difficult experimental constraints.


Since it was founded in 1982, Gantner Instruments has specialized in distributed measurement and I/0 systems as well as the measurement of mechanical, thermal and electrical quantities. Our know-how is reflected in all our products and associated services. Despite their outstanding performance and flexibility, they remain simple to operate and provide clear results even in complex applications.


Acoustic expert company, producing;

  • Microphones
  • Preamplifiers
  • TEDS microphones
  • Power modules
  • Intensity probes
  • Pistonphones
  • Kemar manikin
  • Telephone test head
  • Ear and mouth simulators


Founded in 2013, DEICO has become a leading supplier of test, measurement and validation systems in Turkey. DEICO is headquartered in Ankara and currently providing innovative test solutions with more than 50 engineers and technicians.

Among DEICO’s products there are:

  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Functional Test Devices
  • Test Program Sets
  • System Integration Laboratories
  • Manufacturing Test Systems



Leading provider of high-precision positioning solutions and intelligent, robust industrial communications.

Products: OEM GNSS Receiver Boards, OEM GNSS Sensors - Enclosures, Antennas, Wireless Infrastructure, 865-928 MHz License-Free, 390-473 MHz Licensed,

Application: Agriculture, Autonomous Vehicles, Avionics, Construction, Geospatial, Marine, Mining, Navigation & Guidance & Control, Precise Positioning, Robotics.


Innovative measurement technology – applied internationally

Worldwide, our measurement channels and data loggers are in continuous operation and provide dependable data acquisition for drivetrain, engine cooling, HVAC and more. Under harsh climatic conditions and long-term tests. That's why many well-known car manufacturers rely on technology and services of IPETRONIK.


Hangzhou Joyoung Trade Co.,Ltd is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, who mainly provide professional automotive testing equipments and testing system solutions. Including whole vehicle, braking system, steering system, transmission system, electric appliances, new energy and body accessories. Our HongKong office UI(China United Industrial Co.,Limited) is the international market office the under license of CAERI(China Automotive Engineering Research Institute) and TED(Chongqing CAERI Automobile Test Equipment Development Co., Ltd ). Our team, comprising of technically qualified engineers and technicians, we are always there to provide convenience and better service to our customers. All customers are most welcome to contact us !


SENSOR TEK Company is Reprsentative of HBM in Turkey


Hemisphere GNSS is a leader in high-performance satellite positioning with a strong technology foundation and a relentless focus on innovation. Building on its powerful intellectual property portfolio, Hemisphere develops and delivers flexible, high-accuracy commercial satellite positioning products and services that enable its customers to easily and cost-effectively get the positioning solution they need.

Products: GNSS Positioning, Poisiton & Heading, Peripherals


Part of the HORIBA Group, Automotive Test Systems has developed global leadership in the exhaust gas analysis, powertrain research and development and various certification test system fields. HORIBA is able to provide total solutions to its customers, with full turnkey capability for driveline, engine, powertrain and vehicle tests. HORIBA serves manufacturers and suppliers in every industry that utilizes internal combustion, turbine engines, including automotive, heavy-duty/off road, lawn and garden, marine, aerospace, locomotive and recreational and utility vehicles.


Applus+ IDIADA offers design, testing, engineering, and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide. Our reputationis founded on the expertise of an international team of more than 2,100 engineers and technical experts, our first class facilities, our client focus and a constant drive towards innovation. An international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 25 countries ensures that customers receive a fast and personalised service.


Kistler is a high tech. company, specialized in development and production of sensors, electronics, and systems for measuring:



KMT single-channel telemetry systems provide a simple, accurate method of measuring strain, torque, thermocouple or voltage signals on rotating or moving machinery while operating in a completely contactless mode. Continuous power is supplied inductively and the signal is transmitted from the moving to the stationary component – with no brushes or wires required! The wireless transfer guarantees an absolute wear-free continuous operation and accurate transmission of measured data.

Applications can be found in the research, development and production of motor vehicles, turbines, wind turbines, aircrafts, rail vehicles, as well as any other machinery and in test bench operations.

Easy configuration, assembly and installation, and the flexibility of using inductive or battery power for the rotor electronics, make the single-channel telemetry systems TEL1-PCM and MT1-PCM genuine multi-talents for all rotary applications.


Manufacturing and distribution of stress measurement devices in experimental research fields of government offices, corporations, and universities. Manufacturing and distribution of industrial instrumentation devices in the fields of industrial equipments/ FA. Manufacturing and distribution of various measurement devices for civil engineering and construction relating to dams, bridges, tunnels, urban engineering, harbors, and marine. Various measurement consultations.


Leo Mühendislik is an engineering service and product sales company formed by experienced engineers from Automotive, Defense and Electronics industries. Our main focus is to provide services and products for autonomy enabling to a wide variety of industries including; defense, automotive, aerospace, academic and maritime





Mars Labs, LLC has been serving the data acquisition needs of the automotive industry since 1999. Our industry-focused practice features concentrated areas of expertise and understanding of the test environment. We have the ability to be innovative in our approach, act quickly in our decision-making, and be flexible in our delivery of services.

Products: Mini-Recorders, CPU Channel Multiplexer, DAC Analog Output, Digital Pod, Thermocouple, CPX Expander, Custom Products, Accessories.


More than 25 years, providing best solutions to our customers in testing and measuring. Leading the market with exprience.


The ME’scopeVES Visual Engineering Series of software packages and options makes it easier for you to observe and analyze noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures using either experimental or analytical data.

With ME’scope, you can import or directly acquire multi-channel time or frequency data from a machine or structure, and post-process it. Its industry-leading interactive 3D animation allows you to observe order-related operating deflection shapes from running machinery, resonant vibration and mode shapes from real structures, acoustic shapes, and engineering shapes directly from acquired data.



Mobileye is the leading supplier of software that enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), with more than 25 automaker partners including some of the world’s largest. Beyond ADAS, our technology has rapidly evolved to also support the three pillars of Autonomous Driving – Sensing, Mapping, and Driving Policy.

Technology: ADAS, Sensing, Road Experience Management, Driving Policy, The Evolution of EyeQ.


ADAMS mekanik sistemlerin simülasyonu yazılımdır. ADAMS ile sistemlerin dinamik davranışları incelenir, kuvvetlerin ve yüklerin sistem içinde nasıl dağıldığı hesaplanır, sistemlerin titreşim davranışı analiz edilir ve mekanizmalar optimize edilerek sistemlerin performansları arttırılır.

Adams ile mekanik sistemlerin, sanal test prototipleri bilgisayar ortamında modellenir, gerçek hayattaki çalışma şartlarında test edilir. Adams; kinematik/hareket, statik, quasi-statik ve dinamik denklemlerini çözerek, sistemin gerçek fiziğini incelemektedir. Bu özellikleri ile CAD programlarının sahip olduğu hareket (motion) kabiliyetlerinden üstündür.

Mekanik parçaları, pnömatik, hidrolik, elektronik ve kontrol sistemleri ile entegre ederek ve bu sistemlerin birbirleri ile etkileşimlerini sağlayarak, komple bir sistemin sanal ortamda modellenmesi mümkündür. Adams/Car, Adams/Flex, Adams/Durability, Adams/Vibration, Adams/Control gibi modülleri mevcuttur.


Pioneering Technology and Unmatched Expertise

Measurement. Accuracy. Certainty. These concepts allow engineers in research, product development and manufacturing to turn mere ideas into tangible, working results. MTS Systems Corporation is dedicated to making this transformation faster, easier and more successful.

Since 1966, we have worked side-by-side with engineers in a wide range of industries to solve complex challenges. Today, our high-performance testing and sensing solutions are deployed around the world, enabling precise control of forces and motions as well as real-time feedback that optimizes performance.

But our technology is only half the story. Our team brings unparalleled expertise to every engagement. With more than four decades of real-world experience, we are uniquely equipped to help our customers adapt to change, anticipate new requirements and take on even the most difficult tasks with speed and confidence.


PAK MKII is our compact, mobile, multi-channel measurement system for technological acoustic and vibration analyses. It can be universally configured for any common measurement pickups and is easy to adapt to the task at hand. This reduces the effort required, speeds up your project, and minimizes your cost.

The PAK MKII is typically light-weight, low power consuming, robust, flexible, and upgradable – can be used in the laboratory, at the testbench or for other applications on site.

A PC with system software or a smart device communicates with the measuring frontend via a standard Ethernet or WI-FI. There is no need to locate the PAK MKII in use and the use at the same place; the locations can be apart.


Since 1976, NI ( has made it possible for engineers and scientists to solve the world's greatest engineering challenges with powerful platform-based systems that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. Customers from a wide variety of industries – from healthcare to automotive and from customer electronics to particle physics - use NI's integrated hardware and software platformto improve the world we live in.



Neptec’s industry-unique and patented OPAL™ sensor and 3D Real-time intelligence (3DRi™) software technologies solve real-world automation problems in industries like marine, mining, oil and gas, aerospace or anywhere intelligent 3D can help automate complex or dangerous tasks.

Products: OPAL™ 3D LiDAR Scanners, 3DRi™ Software Development Kit


Ono Sokki’s products can be found making contributions to such applications as engine rpm and torque measurement, and engine performance testing using sophisticated control systems.


Automotive Industry: Flow meter Flow meter detector GPS speedometer Engine tachometer,Measurement system, Pilot fuel injection measurement system, Combustion analysis system

Sound & Vibration:Sound level meter Microphone Sound calibrator Data recorder, Accelerometer Sensor Amplifier Impulse Hammer, Vibration comparator Vibration calibrator Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Torque:Torque detector, Torque converter Motor torque

Dimension & Displacement: Digital linear gage Non-Contact thickness meter, Rotary encoder Roller encoder

Rpm & Speed: Revolving detector Revolving indicator Portable tachometer Speedometer

Data Processing & software: FFT analyzer (Stand alone) Data station (PC required) Software


Serving as a center of pre-production research and development studies and product testing jobs of the automotive industry and its suppliers,
Provides Engineering Solutions & Testing Services.
Is specialized on the fields: Test, Product Development, R&D, Analysis & Special Test System Development (Servo Hydraulic Test Systems, Engine Test Systems,)


Ottonom is a group company includes Ottonom Engineering Solutions and Modoya Technology Solutions. Gives engineering services on 4 sectors; Automotive, Household Appliances, Defence&Aviation and Railway. Ottonom has capability both in Product Development and Process Development fields.


Ottonomgroup has two products with their intellectual property rights. OYA TR1, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and DETAIL, Universal Climatic Testing Champher.

DETAIL is designed in Turkey and made in Turkey. Thanks to modular system of DETAIL who can make not only testing of liquid piping systems but also all solid part and mechanism life cycle testing.



The company's first years were devoted to intensive development and testing of the original and patented, unique and innovative hub type chassis dynamometer ROTOTEST APG (Automatic Performance Gauge).

Since then, Rototest has evolved into a global test system supplier with a reputation and quality recognized by its eminent customers. With an ongoing dedication to improve the technology and a wholehearted belief in the value of long-term R & D investments, Rototest's experienced team, knowledgeable in both product development and testing techniques, constantly works to improve designs. That intensive R & D work during recent years has resulted in multiple new patent pendings and/or registered patents.


SBG Systems supplies miniature and accurate Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), GPS enhanced Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) based on MEMS sensors.

Products: Ellipse Series, Ekinox, Series, Apogee Series


Silicon Sensing specializes in the development and manufacture of precise, reliable and affordableMEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial systems

Aviation: Modernizing aircraft AHRS and flight control with ultra-reliable, precise MEMS gyros & accelerometers.

Survey and Mobile Mapping: Affordable, reliable and high performance MEMS alternatives to large and costly FOG gyros.

Downhole Drilling: Robust and accurate MEMS sensors developed specifically for downhole applications.

High Integrity: Sensors with high levels of fault detection and FMEA back-up for critical applications.

Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles: Low-cost, precision gyroscopes, accelerometers and IMUs for UAV and ROV AHRS, navigation & controls.

Products: Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Inertial Systems, Development Tools, Rate Tables, Product Lifecycle Status.



Smartmicro designs and manufactures Radar sensors. For over 18 years we have been specialists in high performance Automotive, Traffic, Airborne and Security Radar technology. Smartmicro is a technology leader in Radar sensors. The product portfolio includes off-the-shelf and customized Radar sensors and solutions, including data links, multi sensor data fusion, set-up and alignment accessories, data logging and application software.

Products: Traffic Radar, Automotive Radar, Airborne Radar


Sensors, Inc. was founded in 1969, and has evolved to become the leader in developing innovative gas analysis technology, primarily for use in the transportation industry. The company has decades of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of measurement systems that are widely distributed throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Sensors, Inc. also provides in-field emissions and fuel-economy testing services covering a wide range of applications including on- and off-road vehicles and equipment, and marine, mining, and power generation systems using internal combustion engines. In 1999, Sensors, Inc. acquired Sensors Devices in Germany, ensuring a presence in Europe and expanding its product base to include analyzers for environmental applications. The company's emissions measurement solutions are used by government regulatory agencies and universities, as well as engine and vehicle manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, for the measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, THC, NMHC, CH4, NH3, O2 and Particulate Mass. The company recently introduced ECOSTAR, its fourth generation of emission analyzers, and LASAR, a trace gas analyzer primarily employed in laboratories and test cells for the measurement of N2O and NH3.


As strain gages and strain gage sensors including load cells are used among the very wide range of scientific and industrial fields, we are collecting various information such as strain and stress measurement with strain gages, the method of SI Unit Conversion and product information of our own production range so that any persons who are not rather specialized in this field may be able to make use of the information of this kind easily and as far as possible. The method of treatment of our respective products can be referred to by downloading to the operation manuals on respective Web catalogues (at the bottom part), although some Models are to be eliminated from this treatment.

Products: Strain Gages, Load Cells, Torque Transducers, Pressure Transducers, Displacement Transducers, Acceleration Transducers, Specials Transducers, System Measurements, Transducers Element AE801.


Spectral Dynamics is a leading worldwide supplier of systems and software for vibration testing, structural dynamics and acoustic analysis. Spectral Dynamics' products are used for design verification, product testing and process improvement by manufacturers of all types of electronic and mechanical products. A privately held corporation with more than 100 employees, Spectral Dynamics has offices in San Jose and San Juan Capistrano California, Detroit Michigan, Baltimore Maryland, France, Germany, India and the United Kingdom as well as sales and service representatives worldwide.



TestSENS SOUNDTUBE performs compliant with ASTM E-2611, ASTM E-1050, ISO 10534-2 standards, enabling users to measure and calculate acoustic impedance, absorption coefficient, sound transmission loss and many more acoustical performance quantities. Product family consists of three different sized tubes with diameters of 29mm, 50mm and 100mm, offering a frequency range of 50-6400 Hz.





U.S.-based Vibration Research (VR) is the leading innovator in vibration control. We listen to our customers’ needs and offer testing products, software and support that deliver unrivaled value. Our VR9500 Revolution Vibration Controller and VibrationVIEW software includes patented innovations used by testing labs and engineers throughout the world. iDOF™, FDS, FDR, and Kurtosion® are a few of VR’s applications that ensure accurate and fast vibration testing.


Developed to create a full 360 degree environmental view for use in autonomous vehicles, industrial equipment/machinery, 3D mapping and surveillance, Velodyne LiDAR now provides a full line of sensors capable of delivering the most accurate real-time 3D data on the market.

Products: HDL-64E, HDL-32E, VLP-16, Puck Hi-Res, Puck Lite


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    16th October 2018 (DAY 1)
    07:30 | 08:30

    Registation for all visitors
    08:30 at 16th October 2018 (DAY 1) till 15:00 of 17th October 2018 (DAY 2)

  • Call for Papers Testing & Simulation Congress

    will present in the exhibition the present status of powertrain and vehicle component and system solutions as well as simulation and test tools to enable efficient development of future powertrains and vehicles.

    Get involved with us. We look forward to your paper submission and your attendance (or participation)

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